Google Business Profile Management: What To Know

Listing your company on Google is one of the easiest and most essential steps you can take for your digital marketing strategy. Believe it or not, only 44% of local businesses have claimed their Google Business Profiles.

Well, that might be because business owners don’t want to manage their business profiles over time. Luckily, it’s easier than you may think, especially with the right help. Here’s what Google Business Profile management can do for you!

What Do Business Profile Management Services Offer?

Your Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is the most important business listing for your entire digital marketing strategy. Because it’s a Google-run product, it is essential for SEO and driving more traffic to your website.

For this reason, some businesses choose to hire a business profile manager to help improve their SEO rankings. Keeping your business profile up to date, responding to questions, and managing reviews is essential for SEO.

This lets Google know that you are an active business with up-to-date information. Google does not like to promote outdated information. While services vary, some GBP management services may include:

  • Review management
  • Detailed updates
  • Keyword optimization
  • Website integration
  • Offers and promotional management
  • Reputation management

The list goes on. Even alone, these services will go a long way for your SEO strategy over time.

However, it isn’t just businesses that change frequently. Google’s algorithm changes hundreds of times each year. It’s always best practice to have professional SEO experts helping to manage your Google-run platforms like your business profile.

Launching Your Google Business Profile

If you haven’t already claimed your Google Business Profile, it’s essential to do so immediately. Google has likely already created one for you based on your information online. You will need to go to Google My Business login and claim it and verify your ownership of the business.

From there, you will also need to verify your business location. Google can send you a postcard in the mail with a verification code. This is essential for getting listed on Google Maps and confirming your information to Google’s algorithm.

You will also need to optimize your Google My Business profile. This includes having updated photos, hours of operation, location, contact information, and more. Google Business Profile managers can help with this, along with the ongoing management and activity on the platform.

After it’s set up, managing your listing at least twice a month is essential. If you can’t commit to that, then you’ll need to hire outside help.

Find the Best Google Business Profile Management

Now that you know what Google Business Profile management can do for your business, find the right services for your needs. Managing your Google Business Profile is an essential part of your SEO strategy, so if you can’t do all of the work yourself, it’s best to hire trusted professionals.

Stay up to date with our latest SEO tips, and feel free to contact us with any questions or for help with your SEO needs!

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