3 Tips for Building an Eye-Catching Small Business Website

Creating a small business website invites hundreds, or even thousands, of new customers to check out your product.

So, do you want 50% of those customers to run from your site before they’ve seen your stuff?

No? Well, we don’t want that either. However, that’s what could happen if you have a slow, user-unfriendly, or just plain ugly website design.

If you want to get all those lost customers back, keep reading. We’ll give you our top three tips on small business website design, so your site can get — and keep — all the customers you can.

1. Consider a Single-Page Website

Having a professional online presence is a must, but more isn’t always better.

If you’re looking for a website design that’s sleek, ultra-modern, and low-maintenance all at once, a single-page site might be for you.

Single-page websites offer benefits like:

  • Lower cost than multi-page sites
  • Easy for your viewers to navigate (no chance they won’t find the content you want them to)
  • Mobile-friendly, so your viewers won’t have a bad mobile experience that makes them click away

One-page websites are anything but boring. You can add interactive elements, break the site into sections, and keep the design engaging. This option gives your customers everything they need with minimum fuss and cost — a true win-win.

2. Don’t Count WordPress Out

So you’ve had glitches, slow-downs, and breakages — or at least heard about them from others. At some point you decided to swear off WordPress entirely.

However, there’s a reason that WordPress accounts for over 43% of sites (and still increasing). When it works, it works. With proper maintenance, it’s still a reliable, go-to content management system that can do very well for your small business website design.

The key to making WordPress work? Frequent professional management of your WordPress site. All it takes is a little preventative tinkering, and you can still use your tried-and-true platform for designing your small business website.

3. Use a Template

We’ve never met a small business owner with time to burn. With so many incredible web design templates out there, we’d definitely classify trying to DIY your site as a time-waster.

Not only that, but website templates have great design built into them. You’ll save yourself the headache of choosing a font, deciding how much white space to include, and how to make it all look good.

That’s why it’s best to use a template from a website builder for small businesses.

Don’t worry, though: “template” doesn’t mean “boring.” With so many templates to browse, you’ll find one that speaks to your business’s unique character. Don’t forget to customize it every way you want so your clients get a taste of you as soon as they click.

Launch Your Small Business Website Today

Do you hear that countdown? That means it’s almost time to launch — launch your small business’s website, that is.

Great web design for your small business isn’t out of reach. In fact, that’s what we’re here for. Shoot to Thrill creates incredible websites for small businesses, fully customized to your unique needs.

Ready to bring your customer-attracting, sales-driving site to life? Make contact with us today to get started!

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