Top Web Design Tips for Beginners

The world was already moving more and more to the digital stage when the coronavirus pandemic started. The pandemic accelerated this trend, forcing practically every business to have a significant online presence. Maybe that is why the market for web design services in the United States alone is predicted to be worth more than $41 billion in 2022!

Of course, some companies need more website design help than others. Especially companies that do not see very many results coming from their online presence could benefit from effective web design tips. After all, all of the most successful companies in the world rely on their digital presence, which is just one indicator of how compelling the right kind of website can be.

But how are you supposed to take your website from ineffective to potent? You need time and patience to create a website from scratch. Read on to learn all about the most important web design tips to apply to your own site!

Web Design Experts Recommend Limited Fonts

Have you ever opened up a website and known immediately that it was made by an amateur? In most cases, people cannot easily identify exactly how they know that something is of low quality. But there is an unmistakable sense of these things, and this kind of sense can drive potential customers away from your website.

One of the most common problems with website design is the improper use of fonts. Amateur website builders end up having too much fun playing with fonts and colors. As a result, they use different fonts for practically everything.

Although it can be challenging for people to pinpoint why, this often makes people feel that a website is not very professional.

Instead, try using three fonts at the most. You might even want to stick to just one or two. Even if you use all three fonts on your website, you might want to stick to a maximum of two fonts on any given page.

On top of that, you want the fonts to be as functional as possible. That means focusing on clarity and simplicity. There might be a right way to use fancy fonts, but if you are starting out, it is safest to play it safe.

Good Web Design Guides Focus on Color

As we said before, amateur website builders often end up having too much fun with color options. This can happen just as often as it does with font options. Instead of giving everything a different color, you want to use only a very few colors.

On top of that, the few colors that you use should probably not be too different from each other. It might be OK to have two colors with strong contrast.

An example of this might be blue and yellow. But you probably do not want to have blue and yellow and purple and green.

Instead, you can probably get away with two different shades of blue and two different shades of yellow. This looks much more professional and high quality than having every page look like a rainbow or a pile of skittles.

When in doubt, you should be as boring as possible. A boring website can still succeed if people are there because of your quality service or content. But that quality service or content may not get the recognition it deserves if people are turned off by a multi-colored ocean of colors.

Therefore, you should probably leave bold color choices to the professionals. For a beginning website, stick to simple, professional colors.

Web Design Firms Recommend Simplicity

Simplicity applies to your content as well as to your style. Some people try to make the most of the space on their websites. This is silly since you can have as many pages on your site as you want.

Instead, spread your content out. Put just a little bit of content on each page. People can always navigate to other pages if they want more content.

Leaving plenty of white space around your content allows people to feel like they can progress quickly through what you have to show them. Huge walls of text can make people feel like it will be a chore to engage with your website.

Web Design for Beginners Focuses on Mobile Phones

No matter how much of a beginner you are, you have to account for mobile phones. If you design a website only for computers, then it will look very strange on mobile phones. You need to open your website up on both a computer and a mobile phone to see how it looks.

Design your website to look good on mobile phones as well. Otherwise, you will alienate almost half of all Internet users!

Be as Organized as Possible

Spreading your content out on many pages is great for legibility. However, it makes it even more important that your content be organized. People need to know which of your pages they want to look at next.

Therefore, carefully organize your content by topic. Put everything related to a topic under a single button on your main page. Then, use a drop-down menu on that button to show people all of the different sub-topics they can focus their attention on.

The best web design companies don’t do anything fancy. They make simple, legible websites. They make them look good and professional.

At the end of the day, that is all there is to it.

Apply the Best Web Design Tips to Your Website

We hope that a few of the ideas in this short article on some of the most efficient web design tips have been helpful for you. The space of website design is getting more and more competitive as business continues to move to the digital world. Companies that do not learn how to compete in the world of websites will be left behind.

Even already successful businesses can take their growth to the next level by enhancing their website. To learn more about the importance of proper website design and where you can find experts to help you in the space, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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