How Often Do You Need Website Management?

It is common knowledge that 53% of visitors will leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. Even if you do solve this problem, you still have to provide a smooth transition for guests through the sales funnel. So how do you keep people on your website?

One way is by keeping it up to date. Read on as we give our essential guide on why you need regular website management.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of checking your site to see that it functions and can serve its purpose. This can be done at various time periods in a year.

This task has a snowball effect. Done regularly, it will be simple and easy. However, if left to build up it will become more complex and could eventually stop the site from working.

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance?

There are several reasons you should perform regular maintenance. We have collected the most important ones below.

Improve User Experience

If a customer gets lost on a website or can not find their way, then they will go elsewhere. This makes it vital you provide the best user experience on your website. You may need to add a menu, shift navigation controls or generally simplify the site.

As new web browsers and devices come onto the market, you will also have to check compatibility. Just because your site works via a desktop does not mean you will work on a mobile device.

Backup Files

Even the most robust of websites could encounter problems. Backing up your files is an essential business website management task that means you are prepared for all eventualities.

Improve Security

As a website owner, you must keep your website security as tight as possible. When you are housing customer data, this becomes even more important. A breach could result in legal action.

Threats to websites are constantly evolving. Hackers find new ways to get in or deploy harmful malware and bots. Make sure you stay ahead of the security curve and protect your business, customers, and staff.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

Your conversion rate is a measurement of the number of visitors to your site against how many perform a designated action, such as buying a product or signing up for a service. Small changes to the design or layout can increase conversion rates greatly, resulting in added profit for you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is also something that changes constantly. Algorithms from search engines alter and the terms people look for (keywords) also shift. Your website needs to adapt to ensure it is reaping the benefit of organic traffic.

Weekly Maintenance

Many weekly maintenance tasks can be done in house. This all depends on if you have the staff and time. If not, it will cost very little to employ website management services to do this for you.

When you use WordPress as a CMS then time should be given for updates at least once a week. This can include updating WordPress itself or plugins. Doing this will be quick, but you should plan it around slower traffic times in case of prolonged downtime.

When you are running an eCommerce store, taking this time out becomes more vital. Detailed maintenance, updating products, prices, and content, should be done once a week. Weekly tasks are listed below.

  • Update plugins and software
  • Remove span comments
  • Check for broken links and repair them
  • Add content
  • Run a backup

Depending on the resources available, you may also want to check your SEO weekly. View where your main traffic sources are coming from, update keywords and create content.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance is suitable for most general use websites. When doing SEO, it is often better to check metrics every month, as it provides a wider overview. Weekly checks do not give a clear picture as they may contain odd spikes and lulls.

  • Run a security scan
  • Check performance and optimize

If you do have an eCommerce store then you will need this time to answer queries and update products. Always check your sales functions are working.

Yearly Maintenance

A yearly maintenance check is the big one when you should consider getting assistance to help with managing your website. For this, you need to check and update the website for any changes in policies. These could be ones set by search engines, governments or state bodies.

  • Renew domain name
  • Update your best content
  • Test the design on different platforms
  • Review the past years SEO strategy

Security is also a big issue and will change year upon year. Make sure that your website has no issues and is up to date on current protocols and requirements.

Website Design

As well as maintenance, a time may come when you need a complete update of your website. This could include its overall appearance and functionality.

One time to do this is if your website stops looking contemporary. Busy websites now look dated and old-fashioned. Many people are even turning to one-page sites so that have everything housed in one easy to find place.

Another time you may need to change is if your clients develop new needs. This may necessitate new features on the site, such as maps or search functions. Depending on the type, it could mean a complete change in the design and the user interface.

Finally, you may decide to explore new content. Perhaps a redesign is required so that you can incorporate video or better display products.

Website Management

Now you know the importance of website management, decide if you have the resources, knowledge, and time to do it in-house. If not you should contact a trustworthy company to do this for you.

Shoot To Thrill Media should be your first stop. We provide everything from management to SEO. Contact us today and let us help you thrive in the digital economy.

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