E-Commerce Website Design: How to Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

If you’re running an online store, then you know that getting people to visit your website is only half the battle. The other half is turning those visitors into paying customers.

According to research, the average conversion rate in the US is only about two to three percent. That means that out of every one hundred website visitors, only two or three will actually make a purchase.

So, how can you increase your e-commerce conversion rate and turn more of your website’s visitors into paying customers? Start by understanding that your e-commerce website design is one of the most important factors when it comes to converting website visitors into customers.

Read on as we discuss some of the best e-commerce website design tips for turning browsers into buyers.

Take Customer Reviews Very Seriously

Customer reviews are one of the first things potential customers read before they decide whether or not to buy from you. According to a study, nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.

When it comes to eCommerce website design, you want to ensure those reviews are prominently displayed on your website. The more reviews you have, and the more positive they are, the better. Encourage customers to leave reviews by adding a link to your reviews page on your website’s header or footer.

You could also offer customer incentives in exchange for their review. For example, you could offer a discount on their next purchase or a free shipping code.

Just make sure the incentive doesn’t put your business at risk of losing money. Additionally, use testimonials because they make visitors 58% more likely to convert.

Make Sure Your Website Is Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy

According to research, between 2020 and 2021, eCommerce fraud grew from $17 billion to $20 billion.

This is a huge problem, and it’s only getting worse. So, how can you make sure that your eCommerce website is safe and secure?

There are a few things you can do:

Use SSL certificates: This will help encrypt customer information like credit card numbers and addresses.

Use a reputable eCommerce platform: This will ensure your website is secure and up to date with the latest security features.

Use a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe: These will help add an extra layer of security to your website.

Finally, add trust seals to your website. Trust seals are also a great way to show visitors that your website is trustworthy. Some of the most popular trust seals include the Better Business Bureau (BBB), McAfee Secure, and TRUSTe Certified Privacy.

Keep the Design Simple to Maximize UX

Websites with a simple design are easy to navigate. They’re also easy on the eye and give off a more professional look. A website that’s difficult to navigate will only frustrate your visitors and make them leave without buying anything.

The same goes for a website with too much going on. It’ll only overwhelm your visitors, and again, they’ll leave without buying anything. When it comes to e-commerce website design, simplicity is key.

Your ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to find what they are looking for and make a purchase. Here are a few things you can do to simplify your website design.

Optimize for Fast Loading Speeds

In eCommerce, first impressions matter a lot. One of the things that affect first impressions is your website’s loading speed.

According to Google, 53% of mobile users abandon websites that take longer than three seconds to load. For every second that a website takes to load between 0 and 5 seconds, conversion rates can drop by up to 4%.

So, if you want to turn your website’s visitors into paying customers, make sure your website loads quickly. Some of the best ways to do this for an e-commerce website include:

  • Use a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Optimize your images
  • Minimize redirects
  • Enable browser caching
  • Use a lightweight e-commerce platform

By following the tips above, you can make sure your e-commerce website is designed in a way that will turn more of your website’s visitors into paying customers.

Use Visible and Compelling CTAs

Your e-commerce website design should make it easy for website visitors to know what actions to take. This is where calls to action come in. For every page on your e-commerce website, there should be a visible and compelling call-to-action (CTA).

The key is to make the CTAs visible and compelling enough for visitors to take action. There are a few ways to do that:

Start by using contrasting colors and make the CTAs big enough for them to stand out from the rest of the website design. Also, use whitespace around the CTA to make it easy for visitors to see and click on the button.

Moreover, use persuasive copy. The text on the CTA button should be persuasive enough to make visitors want to take action. For example, instead of a “Sign Up” button, you could use a “Get Started” or “Start Your Free Trial” button.

Write High Quality and Engaging Content

To write high-quality and engaging content, start by understanding your target audience. Who are they?

What are their needs and wants? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start creating content that appeals to them.

When writing e-commerce product descriptions, for example, focus on the benefits of the product rather than its features. Be sure to use persuasive language that convinces visitors they need the product.

In addition to quality content, your website should also have a healthy dose of visual content. After all, humans are visual creatures. Use images and videos throughout your website to break up the text and add another layer of engagement.

Hire a Professional Website Design and Management Company

You can take the website design and management process off your hands by hiring a professional e-commerce website design and management company.

There are many companies that specialize in e-commerce website design in Tampa and will do an excellent job of designing your e-commerce store according to best practices.

Most of these companies also specialize in WordPress management if you have a ready site that needs to be handled by experts.

A quick Google search should help you find professional e-commerce website designs in St. Petersburg for optimum services.

E-Commerce Website Design Tips for Customer Conversion

E-commerce website design is crucial if you want to turn website visitors into customers. Use customer reviews, testimonials, and trust seals to show visitors that your website is trustworthy.

Additionally, ensure your website is safe and secure by using SSL certificates and a reputable e-commerce platform. Finally, keep the website design simple to minimize customer experience. By following these tips, you can increase your conversion rate and grow your business.

Are you totally overwhelmed and would like to hire professional experts to help out? If so, please get in touch with us for website design, website management, and much more.

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