7 Essential Qualities to Look For in a St. Petersburg SEO Company

Over 50% of all website traffic comes from organic searches. In fact, 68% of online experiences start on a search engine. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can improve your search engine rankings.

Higher rankings will help you appear in front of consumers as they search for your product or service. Then, you can generate more brand awareness, traffic, and leads. A strong SEO strategy can give your business the boost it needs.

You don’t have to develop an SEO marketing strategy alone, though. Finding a good SEO company will give you access to the experience and expertise you need.

Not sure who to hire? Here are seven qualities to look for in a St. Petersburg SEO company.

Prioritizing these qualities will help you find a Florida SEO company you can rely on. They’ll set your SEO campaign up for success. Then, you can expand your reach and generate more business than ever before.

Discover what to look for in an SEO company with this helpful guide today!

1. Reputation

You can start searching for a St. Petersburg SEO company by turning to your professional network. Ask other business owners if they work with a Florida SEO company. If they do, ask about their experience with the team.

Speaking with your professional network can streamline your search. You can learn from business owners who were once in your position.

At the same time, you can focus on finding a good SEO company that has a strong reputation among business owners.

Take the time to learn from each business owner’s firsthand experience with the SEO company. First, make sure the team was reliable. You don’t want to work with a company you’ll struggle to contact or communicate with.

Make sure the company was knowledgeable, too. If they lack the necessary expertise, they could struggle while building your campaigns. Ask each business owner if the SEO company struggled to answer questions.

Consider asking each business owner if they encountered any issues after hiring an SEO company, too. Did they track the progress of their campaigns?

How do they know the SEO company actually helped?

If your professional network can’t steer you in the right direction, that’s okay. Start by searching online instead. Gather a list of SEO companies to research further.

Then, visit each company’s Google My Business (GMB) listing to read customer reviews. Determine if they have a strong reputation.

If the company doesn’t have a GMB listing, they’re not focused on local SEO. Choose a Florida SEO company that utilizes its own services.

2. Experience

Once you have a list of search engine optimization companies to choose from, learn about their history. Try to find a long-established business. You can visit each company’s BBB listing to determine when they were established.

A long-standing business has likely earned the respect of its clients over the years. It’s likely the company has worked on operational kinks, too. These teams probably have an efficient plan in place for helping clients.

It’s also important to find a company with years of experience providing search engine optimization services, too. Try to avoid choosing a digital marketing agency that only recently started offering SEO services.

Instead, determine how long each company has offered SEO as a service. Consider how many clients they’ve helped over the years, too.

How many of those clients fell within your industry?

Finding a good SEO company with experience in your industry could benefit your SEO strategy. These SEO experts will have a better understanding of your audience and goals. They could help boost your SEO rankings more efficiently as a result.


Once you find a company with years of experience offering SEO services, make sure their knowledge base is up-to-date. If the company is working based on outdated information, it could hurt your SEO rankings.

Lower SEO rankings could impact your ability to appear in front of potential customers.

Instead, ask each company about the latest SEO trends. They might mention:

  • Google’s Core Web Vitals
  • UX web design
  • Video content
  • Voice search
  • Featured snippets
  • Zero-click searches
  • EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness)

Google’s algorithm updates throughout the year. Remaining informed of the latest trends can strengthen your SEO strategy.

If the Florida SEO company isn’t aware of these trends, choose someone else.

3. Process

Take the time to ask each search engine optimization company about its process.

They should start by asking about your distinct goals. For example, do you want to use SEO to rank for specific keywords? Do you want to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry?

Your goals can inform their strategy.

They should take the time to research your audience and customers, too. They should gather keyword research as well.

Hiring an SEO company with a plan in place will ensure efficiency.

4. Services

Ask each company about the services they offer. For example, will they gather your keyword research? Will they create and optimize your content?

Determine if the company offers link-building services, too. Backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors. Backlinks send readers on other websites to your website.

A St. Petersburg SEO company can help you generate backlinks with guest blogging services.

You might need a company that can improve your website design and development, too. Otherwise, a slow, outdated website could cause your rankings to drop.

5. Tools

Before hiring an SEO company, ask about the tools they use. How will they gather your keyword research?

A company that uses the right tools will make informed decisions when developing your SEO strategy.

6. Case Studies

Gather proof that each company can set you up for success. Ask for recent case studies. Determine what key performance indicators they track to determine their success.

If the company can’t offer case studies, ask how they know their SEO tactics are working.

7. Pricing

Gather quotes from three different St. Petersburg SEO agencies. Determine what’s included within their pricing.

Then, compare your options. Don’t choose the cheapest company. Instead, focus on finding a good SEO company that can meet your needs and expectations.

Higher Rankings: 7 Qualities to Look for in the Best St. Petersburg SEO Company

Hiring a SEO company doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, prioritize these seven qualities during your search. We at Shoot To Thrill Media know what it takes to grow your Traffic, leads, & revenue through SEO services.

If you’re eager to learn more, you can check out our SEO Services here!

If you have any questions, inquiries, or are ready to get started, you can make contact today!

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